Media4est, LLC
Media4est, LLC
a boutique design and marketing company

What do we do? DESIGN!

A Bold Creative visual identity or brand can help you Standout!

As the saying goes, “a picture is worth a thousand words”. Or in the case of a business, your visual appearance, your Brand, can set you apart from your competition. And when the entirety of your collateral visually speaks for you, it becomes that much easier for you content to convey the desired message.

Our love of design is a key factor in our ability to generate creativity and engaging finished products for our clients whether it be a business card, brochure, or logo. We strive to produce a singular cohesive visual representation of our clients brand pulling together digital and print to produce a consistent look and experience. A well designed and planned visual strategy, or Brand Identity, exudes professionalism and has the power to distinguish a Brand from a business. We also deliver websites that offer a functional and aesthetically pleasing user experience. We focus on responsive design and adaptability, meaning our client's site impact is not limited to the now, but is poised for the future.

About the Company

Media4est [media-forest] is a boutique design and marketing studio run by Forrest Salisbury. Based in the Greater Portland (ME) area, Media4est takes on design-centric projects, both digital and print, for clients seeking to exploit our creativity. Our clients come from a wide array of industries and backgrounds, where the only thing most of them have in common when it comes to design is their desire to make their website, logo and collateral materials attractive, functional and as memorable as possible.

Media4est specializes in delivering creative and attractive, high quality graphic and digital designs, including websites, to our clients, helping them meet their marketing needs and exceeding their expectations.

About the Owner

Forrest Salisbury is an experienced designer with a strong knowledge of marketing as well as digital media strategies and trends. A few of his major strengths include the ability to visualize and conceptualize abstract ideas and work them into a cohesive design and or message. He is adaptable and has extensive experience working in both digital and print media formats. Forrest is a firm believer that you can never learn enough, and therefore is constantly educating himself to new techniques and pushing skills past yesterdays limits.

With a passion for new ideas and concept development, Forrest has consulted on a number of projects over the years ranging from design and media to finance and veterinary businesses and practices. Forrest also has experience in sales and marketing, business development and financial services, corporate mergers, acquisitions and divestitures, corporate valuations and consulting. To those that know him, he is a creative type who applies common sense and research to any endeavor he participates in.